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I'm staying in the Mount Pleasant section of Vancouver with my daughter Thea and her fiancé Brett. They are 2 budding scientists who work hard but also like to have fun.


I will not be surprised if someday they will be famous like Earnest McCulloch and James Till here; (they discovered stem cells).


While these hard working young people are busy, I am amusing myself doing what Vancouver is famous for, escaping the rain and having a great cup of coffee.


Another thing Vancouver, and especially Mount Pleasant, is becoming famous for is its Micro-Breweries.

Myself, I think of beer as just a cheap vehicle for alcohol. I really don't care if I drink Labatt's Blue, or Molson Export, or even Heineken... they all taste about the same to me.

This Micro-Brewery world however is a whole new universe from the mass produced beer world. In the Mount Pleasant area there are at least 7 Micro-Breweries/Tasting Rooms, all easy walking distance from here.

What is most amazing though is the range of beers they produce. Beers with a bitter taste, beers with a sour taste, beers with a strong Hop taste, beers with an added flavour... and myriad combinations thereof. I must admit that the range of taste in beer is huge!

This is another area of Thea and Brett's expertise...(They have done qualitative not quantitative analysis in this area), and they were happy to try to educate my palate.

We first went to Brassneck Brewery at 2148 Main. They sell a tasting "flight" of 4 beers, each 4 oz. which is equivalent to a pint.


As you can see from the menu, they had a lot of beers you could choose from, all made at the site. I chose:
- Riesling Changeling (draft beer with grape must)
- Passive Aggressive (dry hopped ale)
- Brassneck (a pale ale)
- Kill Joy ( a stout )

Though they all were completely different in flavour, they all tasted bitter to me and I couldn't appreciate them for their other flavour dimensions. (I did taste the grape in the Riesling though; that was a start). Clearly, my palate needed remedial study.

Here is their website: http://brassneck.ca/tasting-room/

The next day she took me to Faculty Brewing at 1830 Ontario St. Here they had an even wider taste spectrum and we tried a flight of 5; see the list below.
- Minzeweizen (had a minty flavour)
- Sourweiss (was very sour)
- IPA (was very Hoppy; this is a natural preservative)
- Oaked Stout (was bitter)
- Blonde (was bitter)

I really wasn't discerning, nor appreciating the differences...

Here is their web site: http://www.facultybrewing.com/the-beer


Thea, being patient with her "unpromising student", tried again at her favourite Micro-Brewery, 33 Acres Brewing at 15 Ontario St.


At this point, given the choices on the menu board, I "threw in the towel" and chose "33 Acres of Sunshine" based on the name alone. I didn't taste any of the "orang peel, coriander or black liquorish" from the tasting notes. I just tasted bitter.

Here is their web site: http://33acresbrewing.com/our-beers/

So being a failed beer student, I thought I would go back to what my palate knows best... wine.


On a side note: All these micro-breweries allow you to bring in a "growler" and you can get beer to take home in your own container. This probably helps their popularity as well.

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Yes, I see you look happier sitting in that comfortable easy chair with a glass of wine in your hand than in those 'bare-essential' breweries with 4 or 5 beers!
Hello to Thea and Brett!

by Nellie

They say "travel is an education". Your decision to take your extensive tour gave you an advanced degree!

by James Adamson

Did the Breweries take a surveys to see if they needed to make sweeter beers?

by Claire Adamson

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